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Where are the wrinkles?

How is it that 80+ and 90+ year old woman have no wrinkles in their faces? They may have forehead worry "lines" and everyone seems to have the lines that run from the nose to the corner of the mouth down to the chin but even I, at 55, am starting those lines. I'm talking about the fine wrinkles and lines hat appear around people's eyes and cheeks and every where else. These women didn't use Estee Lauder or Chanel or smear cold cream all over their faces at night. . They didn't use organic this n that or rub olive oil into their skin. I've asked a number of them what they did to have such a nice complexion at their age. They don't seem to have an answer. When probing I have observed that they stayed out of the sun mostly. But that isn't even entirely true. Many of them were gardeners or just loved to walk. Many of the women I take care of are affluent and relatively spoiled even if they don't know it. They did not engage in heavy or manual labor. They were genteel women, largely educated, who took care of their families and pursued intellectual thought on their own through reading or with some part time activity. They weren't working to support a family or working in the fields. They weren't sitting on the phone pushing through prompts for 15 minutes just to talk to the grocer or the accountant which can put lines on your face in a hurry. If you ask them "have you had a good life?" they will answer "oh yes". They loved their wonderful husbands and children. I think they have just forgotten about all the crap that they had to deal with, all the crap that life shoots our way. Isn't it nice though to know that we will forget about all of that someday? So how is it that they have such beautiful flawless skin? One woman just told me that she eats very little red meat and has almost no alcohol. I don't think the alcohol does it. French women drink alcohol everyday and they are famous for their beautiful skin. Phew, nicked that one.This particular woman told me she also eats a lot of white meat, vegetables, fruit, all the good stuff. Well plenty of people eat right and they still have wrinkles. I think it has more to do with staying out of the sun and not sunbathing. These women may have enjoyed the sun on occasion as young adults but they weren't sun worshipers. They may have worked in the garden, taken their children to the beach on occasion but they didn't bake in the sun the way my generation did. "Baking" in the sun didn't occur until Vogue started promoting the California Girl sun tanned healthy look in the 50s and 60s. Thanks Vogue. Lure us into bad behavior and then say HAHAHA just kidding. I am going to have to take a more serious pole but I think they wore lots of hats too. There was no sunscreen back then just lots of hats. And then of course there are the "genes". I have heard women say oh I must have good genes. My grandmother never had any wrinkles in her face either. The women I take care of are privileged and education. They loved to garden and take walks but always wore a hat. I think the secret to good skin is not some expensive exotic Dr. in Paris, so says Cindy Crawford, it's all about hats and good genes.

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