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When heaven opens it's doors so go the windows.

I'm either helping them live or helping them die. That's my job. After 20 years in this business and countless hospice patients I have come to notice a few things as the ends nears and nears. One human function of dying is when the patient starts to fondle the bed sheets. They will stroke them over and over. Not sure why this is but I see it regularly. I've tried doing it myself to try to come to an understanding and I can't get it.

Another human function of dying that I've noticed is that when the end is near the patient will ask to have a door or a window opened. I thought maybe this was for a last inhale of fresh air, one last memory of oxygen to take to heaven. Not so many memories in heaven. I think heaven is a place where memories get erased, ah relief, not accumulated. Then someone told me, who has been doing this even longer than I, that it is their way of letting the spirit know there is a way to escape when the time comes. Whether it's through a door or a window the spirit needs to know that the coast is clear to ascend to the voluminous house in the sky. That sort of makes sense, right? Most people don't realize that the spirit can travel through brick walls, cement, water and everything in between. They don't need an open door to fly away. Those of us who have astral traveled know this first hand. I astral traveled once in high school. Won't go into the details here but it was really fun, scary and interesting all at the same time. I know first hand that spirits don't need an open door. So the next time you are with someone who is about to ascend to the heavens pay attention to their human functions. Do they fondle the sheets or ask to have windows open? The universe works in mysterious ways.

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