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Week 6

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Still in Covid Country. Now at least the front desk is telling us, the caregivers, that there were two confirmed cases in the building. Kind of good that there are only two, a lot of places seem to have a lot more. Everyone here has been sequestered since the beginning of the month, going on three weeks now.

I still think it stinks that that they didn't tell us until after word got out. They should have told us the minute the first test came back positive. This establishment owes it to it's employees and independent care givers to keep us safe by giving us information. Danger Danger Danger.

I wish The Robot from Lost in Space had been standing guard. He wouldn't let anything happen to us.

Now, the ALU Aids are not allowed to come in to the apartments. They have to stand at the front door, open the med boxes, leave the pills on a table by the front door and then leave. They are not allowed to walk into the apartments at all. Each week the entrance requirements become stiffer.

For the last five weeks I've been walking in with masks and gloves.Three weeks ago we had to answer three questions and have our temps taken. Last week we had to answer two more questions. This week it's the building aids restrictions. Oh and we had to put up a special notice for the apartment aids not to let anyone into the apartment unless they are emergency personnel.


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