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V8, Get it Right

Let's see if I can put together another entry. Here I sit, happily, taking care of my next charge. Unusually, she is very with it, very on the ball, but unfortunately in Hospice. What happens all too often is that the body goes before the mind. Hers in breaking down in all sorts of ways but her brain?... her brain?... is so sharp it scares me. She knows if I've put too much V8 juice in her glass, asks me to dump it out until the correct amount is visible. Really? She likes it the way she likes it and nothing else will do. I quietly obey. I'm not going to harass her or try to convince her that a little more won't hurt her. Nope. She wants it the way she likes it and that's that. When someone is in Hospice the only thing to do is to back off and obey. She's enormously uncomfortable and very aware of what's happening. She takes a myriad of pills, 18 medications to be exact. I tried to tell her that any more than 4 and she's taking too much. I learned my lesson quickly. Honestly, if she stopped taking all of them she would meet her demise on time and not be going through the last months of her life being so uncomfortable and miserable. But listen to me, I don't know what it's like being in her shoes. Would I do the same? I say I hope not but.... would I?This is my first entry while at the job. I've never been able to write while working but this job allows for it.

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