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Under One Roof

I am going to try to create new posts every Monday. Last night I took care of a 99 year old woman. She was a hoot! I hope I am as charming and colorful as her and some of the other women I take care of. They are sooo endearing. She kept saying to me, at 1:00, 3:00 and 6:00 am... thank yoooouuuu! She would sing the end up wards almost sounding like a bird. Who knows, she travelled to Africa a lot, has tons of African paintings hanging, maybe she heard a bird in the jungle make the same sound. It was so funny. Made getting up in the wee hours interesting. We just started round the clock care for her because she was found wandering out side the building she lives in one morning at 6:00 am. That's usually when the families realize it's time for the over nights. Over night care is sooo important. Back in the old days when many generations lived under one roof the middlers all looked out for the elders and the youngers. It was a huge burden for our middle aged counterparts already bound with house work and chopping wood. Today, if a parent lives with a family it is usually unusual. There are so many retirement homes and assisted living facilities going up that people can live longer by them selves. Families don't need to crowd together under one roof any more. We care givers are there to be the surrogate family, the part of the family that looks after those in need of attention. Unfortunately it is expensive. I don't know what people do who can't afford it. I know I won't be able to afford me. I just hope that when the time comes our society will be evolved enough that there will be programs in place to take care of this issue. I may be kidding myself but I expect that when I'm 90 life will be much better, more socially supportive. My generation, unless you're a billionaire, won't be able to afford this kind of care and they will neeeed something.

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