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The Week That Followed

This past week I've been on the phone with my brothers, sister, aunt, cousins, friends. I never can remember who I've told so I'm now not telling any one. I've told enough people, all those close, the rest can find out on their own. I've been to the funeral home a couple of times. On the phone with my brothers a couple of more times. Unfortunately she lay in the hospital a for four and a half days. She died on a Friday morning and the funeral home didn't pick her up til Tuesday. Not through any fault of theirs. We were just trying to make arrangements and payments. My Maine brother actually wanted to keep her alive in the hospital until we had finalized everything. How crazy is that? That's like telling a baby "hey wait a minute. Don't be born yet, we have to figure a few logistics out before you can come here." Anyway, she lay "in wait" until we could solidify payment etc. Today is Sunday Dec 14 so I know she has been cremated but I'm not sure where her ashes are at this moment. She went to the crematorium on Thursday so I imagine she has come back already but maybe not. Guess I'll have to call my Maine bros for another memorable conversation. I could start a blog just of conversations with my brother. I would win a Pulitzer for sure, for the most twisted and psychologically compelling. I do remember being exhausted for several days after she died. As a matter of fact I am still tired and it's been over a week.

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