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The Village

I have decided to post another entry sooner than later. I know too many people in need of assistance who may benefit from this next piece of information. Out to dinner one night with friends and someone said, and her name is Mary.. truly, her name is Mary "My idea is that as I approach dodderage I'd like to work out some kind of cooperative system instead of rotting in a muzak-filled, pastel-colored, pre-hospice, kill-time, dumping ground." So I replied, whatever do you mean? Then she told me about this wonderful new organization that has cropped up all over the United States and then some. It's web site is and it's an organization called The Village. It's purpose is to connect people to each other for the purpose of supporting needs as we enter dodderage. They work to connect people so that life on the other side of 70 won't seem so isolating or insurmountable and for some people, useless. One such village is: About Beacon Hill Village Beacon Hill Village is a membership organization in the heart of Boston. Created by a group of long-time Beacon Hill residents as an alternative to moving from their homes to retirement or assisted living communities, it was founded in 2001. Beacon Hill Village enables a growing and diverse group of Boston residents to stay in their neighborhoods as they age, by organizing and delivering programs and services that allow them to lead safe, healthy productive lives in their own homes. For more information, visit: The character of each village established is different depending on the needs of it's participants and their location. VTV helps people to establish this net work in their own community. If you click on the News link you can read about how some communities are already using VTV. It's quite extraordinary. I'm just glad this has already gotten started because when it's my turn to enter dodderage it will be nice to know that there are seasoned communities available. Leave it to the 60's kids, the communal based - let's all live together as one, in peace and harmony - generation of doers. Thank you for continuing to try to create nirvana on earth. Me and my generation shall benefit greatly.

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