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The Hidden Costs of Aging

This has nothing to do with "taking care" of people but I have observed one startling reality about getting older. For some reason I spend A LOT more money on things that people will never see, such as underwear. The panties I buy these days cost about $60.00+. Those Spanks are not cheap and such a necessity. My underwear used to cost $5.00 a panty. They came in a large variety of colors and prints and were fun to wear. Now they come in black or nude and are full of heavy spandex. They are comfortable but you know you are wearing undergarments when you put one of those on. My bras also cost a small fortune. They used to be about $20.00 a piece now I spend $110.00. I have twice as much boob now which requires me to have twice as much squish, shape and hoist. The bras made for the American market are too broad for me. I have a very narrow back, minus the back fat, and my shoulders are narrow. The American made bras are just too wide so I buy these Belgian bras that are much narrower. I measured the distance between my titties in both bras and there was a 1 1/2" difference. That's huge on my small frame. You'd think Mother Nature would have figured out that we don't need boobs after 50 so why not have them shrink instead of enlarge. Biology often reflects environment so how could this point have been missed? I also spend more on face cream and the serums that go under it. For get about the make up, I don't wear much. It's the face creams. No one ever sees the face creams but you need them and the older you get the more expensive they get. No one ever says "Hey Susan, I love your face cream!"I wish I could buy clothes that would be fun to wear but all of this extra cash seems to go to stuff no one will ever see. I'm kind of like an old car that way. The older our cars get, and we drive old cars,  the more we spend on fixing them. My car now is a 2005 Impala with 200,000 miles. I just took it in for new brakes and the bill was $850.00. Why so much? Because it needed front AND rear brakes AND a bunch of other stuff. Our mechanic knows that we drive our cars into the ground so when he sees something that needs fixing he just fixes it. He says it's good now for another 100,000 so I said "thank you". Nobody is ever going to see the $850.00 that I just spent on my car any more than they will see the face cream or the shampoo I use. So now I've mentioned hair. I spend a small fortune now on coloring, highlighting and conditioning my hair. I have become a slave to the "hair chair". And the medical bills!....

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