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The Gloria Chronicles 2

So Gloria called me the other day and we chatted. She was telling me that she has found this fantastic apartment with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living, kitchen etc. She has found a woman from Uganda who she loves and is taking care of her mother now. At this point she is training her. She now intends to put her mother up in this apartment with this woman and her sister. The woman, we'll call her Nadia, will take care of her mother during the day and her sister will take care of her during the nights. Gloria is planning to pay for the apartment, their food and will give them a stipend of sorts. My first thought was, Nadia and her sister's health care. Who is paying for that? What about a car, who is paying for that? The stipend she's handing out isn't much and all of that will apparently be sent to Uganda to the family left behind. There are some major expenses that Nadia and her sister will incur. Outfitting the apartment with furniture and kitchen appliances, dishes, pots etc. Is this all going to be cheaper in the end than putting her mother in a home? Putting her in some place that has skilled nursing and liability insurance. Putting her some place that has regular meals. Some place that has supplies. Incontinence supplies are costly and get used really fast. I remember buying supplies for one person and I was going to the store every week. I finally started buying them from Costco because the shopping redundancy was numbing. Speaking of which, who is going to stay with the mother when Nadia has to go out grocery shopping or better yet just to get out for some fresh air.

This situation does not sound plausible and I've only begun to outline it.

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