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Sometimes You Get Let Go

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

So I just got canned from a job. This lady I actually really liked. She apparently got mad because I missed an opportunity to walk her to the bathroom. Story goes like this, funny old lady is unbelievably spoiled. Her team of private private caregivers sweeps the floor before she walks on it. They pander to the point where they put her towels in the dryer to heat them up before they put them on her to dry her off from a shower. Every pillow is fluffed before her head hits it, every cup of tea is accompanied by a mug of hot water in case it's too strong, before she stands to go anywhere there is a being behind her waiting for duty. This is a lot to live up to. It's hard to keep up with a team that has been with her for so long but that also babies her so severely. Granted she is paying a lot for her care and wouldn't we all like to be so pampered but keeping up with this is double time. I certainly understand that we are there to care for these people but I take a more hands off approach. A number of these people don't want to be babied. They don't want to admit that they can't do things anymore, can't walk places anymore etc. They want to still feel independent. I understand this and want to give people room all the while standing close by in case something happens. I've been praised for the way I don't talk down to them, to those that are hard of hearing or have a bit of dementia. For me, that is where respect is necessary. In this case, I was curious to see if she could make it to the bathroom herself. A miracle happened, she did. I was watching her out of the corner of my eye the whole time. I knew where she was and what she was doing. She was not prone to falling so there was no risk there. I finally got up and followed her into the bathroom. The bathroom can be a tricky dangerous place for the elderly, you don't want them falling in there. Then I sat outside the bathroom trying to give her some privacy. She never said anything to me about having not accompanied her fully into the bathroom. She privately got mad and then complained. I was canned in a heart beat. I have to say though too that she has a particularly back biting group of women taking care of her, but that is another entry. Private private care can be dangerous in hidden ways.

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