Sick Caregivers

I missed my posting yesterday because I was too sick to write anything. Which brings me to my posting subject: sick care givers. When a care giver is sick there is absolutely no way they can report for work. Elderly people's immune systems are so fragile that even the slightest little cold can send their otherwise good health into a tail spin. The responsible thing to do is to call in sick with enough time for the agency to find a replacement. Which is another good reason to work for an agency or if you're on the other end looking for help to hire through an agency. Working on your own you'd be stuck to find your own replacement or leave your "charge" unattended. All of this brings to mind the annual flu shot that is now so available at the local pharmacy. I have never had a flu shot and don't want one. Don't really know what I have against them, I just don't like putting things in my body that don't belong there. Food, alcohol and vitamins are my limit except for the occasional Tylenol or Aleve when necessary. I just don't want a flu shot and up until now my health has never been a problem in the work place. I rarely, if ever, get sick. Well, this year I did. So it's off the schedule for me until this thing blows over which stinks because I like the pay check. I just had a thought though.... a lot of the people I take care of are over 90 and almost 100 or more. If they've lived this long then they have to have pretty good immune systems, non? They must have had plenty of flus and colds and general malaise that they were able to fight through. I'll bet their systems are as strong as any. However, they are on a multitude of medicines and do live in artificial environments. Not being exposed to the outside world in big doses can prevent a lot of viral and bacterial illnesses. The long run is: in this business if you're sick, stay home. For the elderly, colds can turn into pneumonia really fast and we all know what can happen after that.

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