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It's been quite a while since I created a new entry.Back in gear again.I saw something the other day that absolutely astonished me.I am taking care of this 90+ year old woman, so that would make her born in 1919ish. That was a long time ago as far as social norms are concerned. Life has changed a lot since then. She sleeps a lot because she has a series of illnesses: UTI, leukemia and general old age malaise. She was lying on top of her bed in her night gown, sleeping, or so I thought. I never want to disturb her when I check in on her so I crept slowly up to the door. I peeked quietly in and was shocked. Lying on the bed I saw her master bating. Master bating! I didn't think ladies of her stature, religious respect, education and formal observance would do something like that.Back in the old days master bating was referred to as "self-abuse". Just the word alone implies sin and recklessness. The people I take care of are very well educated, moneyed and conforming. They have a great respect for rules. They attend church or did when they could. I assume they consider themselves religious, whatever that means. To witness her in this act was startling at best. I guess sexual urges never cease which is kind of nice to know. I remember my mother at age 74 wanting to watch the porno channel on TV.I guess it's nice to know that people still have urges and feelings. Some people still need to feel that zing from an orgasm... Power to them!This will teach me to walk quietly up to an open door again. I suppose I could cough or some how announce myself first but with the deafness afflicting so many elderly I wonder what good it would do. I guess if anything it will teach me to be very careful when I'm in the same situation at 95.

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