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Say it ain't so, the NYT article

On September 1 there was an article in the NYT about caregivers. It made me furious for sooooo many reasons. Don't know where to start.

There was a woman named Marjorie who was hired to take care of a man with Alzheimers. The family of course wants to pay as little as possible because it is truly an expensive situation. The problem is that Marjorie has grossly undervalued her earning potential and there are plenty of people willing to take advantage of that. She should be earning $25 - $30 an hour for every hour that she works, not just for waking hours as stated in some arcane NY law. When her $160 a day is divided by the amount of hours shes there and on-call her pay comes to $6.66 an hour, slave wages. I don't care if they give her room and board. So she eats spaghetti 5 nights a week? That's not nutrition for her or her patient, Bob. The article made a good point too about menu. She is used to cooking South American meals, well Bob is used to meatloaf, pork chops and mashed potatoes. Is this fair to whom?

The article also stated that she works 5 full days a week then she goes to live with a relative on the weekends. Wonder if they make her pay room and board.

I make $25 an hour whether I'm "napping" or working. At night when you do the wee hours you are still working. Your "charge" could get up at any time to go to the bathroom and you have to be ready. There's no sleep on this job that a Dr would recognize.

Someone needs to tell Marjorie that she demand better "legal" pay.

I also don't get her relationship with the Agency. She works as an independent but was sent to them by and Agency. Someone is dodging a bullet here. You can't be an independent and work for an Agency.

I also would like to know who is paying for Marjorie's health care?

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