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Private vs Private Private Care

The difference between private care and private private care is huge. Private care is from a private agency that has all of it's ducks in a row. They are insured, they do back ground checks they are bonded and there's a back up system when a care giver can't meet their shift, that way no one is without the care that they need should an emergency arise. Private private care is through a "friend" who has to time to look after someone and who may or may not have another to help out if necessary. It may be as organized as a group of people who through oral agreements manage to take shifts, organize pills and other medical conditions. Who is to be held accountable should something go wrong? Their own personal insurance may or may not cover an accident... who is checking on all of his? No one because there is really no one in charge. Private private care can be very dangerous. Of course it's always up to the client who is going to take care of them. But there are some serious considerations before making this decision. First, when a family/patient decides to arrange in home care there should be some thought to reputation and qualifications. How long has this agency or group of people been together? do they have any training? are they skilled RNs or other have other such nursing skills? are they bonded? are they insured? who will take responsibility should there be an accident? these are some thoughts that don't always receive the attention they deserve. An Agency with a very good reputation will do all of the very necessary and legal back ground checks. They will keep their insurance up, check on all immigration papers, take responsibility if something goes wrong, take the time to train people if necessary, fill shifts when needed and fill shifts last minute when needed or when something goes wrong. With private private care is anyone taking care of any of this? Second, if a shift can't be met then who are the people being brought in to help? Even care givers need relief. An Agency will have a stable of qualified care givers who can be called on a moments notice. No shift will ever go un filled, no elder will ever be left on their own. With private private care you don't know who is going to fill in. One particular group I know of leaves this job to the care giver themselves. It's their responsibility to fill their own shift. How many problems do you see with that? Yeah, I thought so. Agencies will charge more money than private private care because they have the overhead. They get a cut and then we get paid. We all know this, it's no surprise. But it costs money to do things the right way and that's no surprise either.

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