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It's not time to relax.

Life is getting a little too relaxed again. I just heard about a wedding on the North Shore that is going to happen in another month where there is expected to be 100+ people plus the staff. Who would do something like that? When our daughter got married back in august the caterer was very nervous about every covid observance for their safety, our safety and fear that a neighbor or drive-by person might report them and us. The caterers tent had to be within so many feet of the party tent, the masks that I had made had to be covid approved which they weren't. I let them wear the party masks over their own. They were nervous about the numbers, nervous about rain, nervous about the tables being too close. Who would have a wedding with a 100+ people today? What responsible caterer would participate? Venue? Band? party goers?

Well, things have become very relaxed here at this retirement community too. My charge had been in the hospital for 4 hours 3 weeks ago. When she was released she was just brought her back to the apartment. The next day she went down to the dining room for lunch and continued to do so for the next 10 days until an Aid said something. An Aid knew she had been to the hospital, saw her milling about and reported the incident. We all got in trouble. The hospital never said to quarantine her for 14 days, the management here never said to quarantine her. We didn't do it because no one said we had to. People are becoming very relaxed and so there are going to be consequences. There should be policies in place that are clearly written and visible. Whose job is it to monitor this situation? It's everybody's job. Ultimately the buck stops with management. Because we are listed as an Independent facility and not an assisted living facility over sight is flimsy. My friend Gloria's mother is in an assisted living facility and specifically she's in the memory care unit. They are soooooo strict about coming and going. A mistake like that would never happen where she is. Beware the categorization.

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