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This is great, 2 entries in one week. I hope I'm back to writing regularly. I hate to say it but incontinence is my best friend. Once someone has become incontinent then I know that I have job security. Very often we get called in before incontinence begins. Usually someone has fallen down a few times and so has become a fall risk. Now they need regular attendants to assist in a variety of ways. Most people can't get up on their own, so we are there to help. After a period of this, sometimes a year or so, the "someone" becomes incontinent. They have become used to having us around, rely on us and even call on us to do little things for them. This "help" begins to weaken their legs because we are running around for them. Instead of them getting up to get things we do it for them. Once their legs become weak they become lazy and so they start actually using their Depends to relieve a full bladder instead of just using them to catch the occasional "woops!". Once they start sitting in bed and using their Depends completely then we know we have a job until the final pee. Sad but tis true. They will need us to change their Depends and wash themselves regularly. They will need us to change the sheets when they become wet, do their laundry (who wouldn't love to have their laundry done for them) and to mop up the bathroom floor.  When someone becomes incontinent I know that I will have a regular 24/7 gig. Hopefully it will be for someone who is really nice. It's really hard to work for people who yell at you, but that's another entry. It's much easier to have a regular schedule then to fill in here or there. Much easier. It's also nice to be with someone from when they were strong and could get around to when they are now immobilized. It gives history to the job and that always makes it personal. I now have history with them, it's so personal.

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