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Gloria Chronicles 3

Updated: May 19, 2019

So Gloria called me the other day and we chatted. She wanted to up date me on the news of her mother. As it turned out the woman from Uganda was expecting a little more compensation than was earlier understood. Phew! because the $250 a week that Gloria thought she wanted, having understood that she was going to send it all home to the family, just wasn't adding up. So now the terms have become a little clearer. The care taker wanted more than $250 a week. Gloria is now thinking that since she was giving this woman a free place to stay, groceries, utilities, and I don't know what else that an additional $1000 a week would suffice. Well no it wouldn't suffice. You see she wanted more not only for herself but now for her sister who would be living there as well. Her job was to cover the night shifts. Between the apartment costing $2500 a month, food, utilities, a few kinds of insurance and now she wants more pay than offered and compensation for her sister Gloria is now rethinking the situation. Currently the expenses would well exceed the $10,000 a month that a nursing home would charge and we all know that when someone asks for more money and they don't get it that there is going to be bad blood somewhere. There are going to be cut corners and a bad attitude to go with it. Gloria realized that it was going to be cheaper and a whole lot easier to find a nice memory care facility for her mother. Better, more professional care equals happy patient.

I have seen people try to stay in their homes and it always boils down to affordability. If you have the $240,000 a year that round the clock care costs, and that is at $25 an hour which now is the low end, plus food, insurance and other then "great" stay in your home. In 3 years you will have spent a million dollars. How much do you have and how long will they live?

Gloria is re-assessing two of the previous homes she found. First requirement is that it be close by. Secondly it has to be on the way to other errands. After that expert medical care is required and wonderful nursing care on top of that of course.

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