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Depression Era Story

Here's one for the record books. I just took care of a 90 year old, lived through the depression mind you, who cleans off her dental floss in the fold of a square of toilet paper. She then saves the toilet paper and uses it 5 more times, folding over the used part everytime she finishes. She does this with one piece of dental floss during one complete cleaning and then throws out the floss. I suppose if she used the toilet paper 6 times in one cleaning she would throw it out too, not sure. Any questions? The Depression left quite an Impression on people. I'm amazed at some of the behaviours that still linger as a result. People saving pieces of tin foil, using two squares of toilet paper at a time etc. In this case, with the dental floss, it's square of toilet paper sits right next to a box of laytex gloves that get used once for maybe a few minutes to ten minutes and then gets thrown out. It's crazy. But I love the creativity involved with saving. You don't see that today anywhere, in anyone's home, anywhere

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