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Death Management

I could hang a shingle over my door that reads "Death Management LLC". Having been in this business for as long as I have been has developed skills that I never would have expected. I can walk into a new situation and size it up immediately. I can tell just how far along mentally someone is, can decipher Alzheimer's from standard dimentia, can assess motor skills, incontinence etc. I can't tell when someone is going to die. That will always remain a mystery. I am working with a 101 year old right now and I swear I thought she was going to be gone before Christmas. Well here she still is, eating, sleeping, peeing and pooping and it's already two days after Christmas. She had an unsavory "blood in the urine" episode. Who would know that without medicine it would clear up all on its own. Can a kidney infection really do that if in fact was a kidney infection? There was no medical intervention, as requested by the family, so we had to rely on experience. We were able do a blood test, we do need to keep the caregivers safe. I need to know if there's Mercia to avoid.  But this thing cleared up all on it's own.... weird. The daughter even called in hospice for an assessment and they said she wasn't ready. OK... our mistake.The incontinence is a killer. That requires huge management and supplies. Knowing what to have when. Getting old stinks but getting old without proper management is worse. Bigger problem is getting people to listen to you. Most people aren't ready to make the necessary decisions in a timely manner. They just aren't ready to think about certain things. Like for instance when it's time for a nursing home or when it's time to buy a rug cleaner to clean up all the urine in the rug or when it's time to call hospice or when it's time to get a commode. How about when it's time to pull the plug. That's a hard one to talk to people about when they aren't ready to discuss it.Just come to me and let me guide them into the after world. I can do it really well. I know what is around the corner and so know how to prepare for it. Please, thank you and you're welcome.

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