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Death by February

Someone recently told me about a new phenomenon. Funeral homes see a surge in elderly deaths in the month of February. Explanation? Listen to this. As I have said many times, elderly people do not want to live past 90, at least most of them. Once past 90 and then certainly after 95, old people just don't want to live anymore. Their friends are gone, their bodies are sickly and breaking down, if they are of sound mind they know they are deteriorating and that's depressing. They have nothing to do that makes them feel useful. So a large number of them are making the final decision to say goodbye. They decide to get themselves through Thanksgiving and then Christmas. It's nice to see everyone happy for one last time. They stop taking their meds a few months before Christmas and start saving them. By February they will have several months of pills on hand. Then one day in January or February, depending, they take all of their pills at once. BOOM, they die. No one does an autopsy because they were old and were expected to die. No one would ever suspect that they ended their own life. But the funeral directors know.  I don't know how they know. I don't know what their procedures are or what they are required to report. But they know what happened and they say nothing. What would be the point. It would upset the families, it would cause concern and mayhem. It would be disruptive without purpose. So no one says anything. The families bury their loved ones, what a good life they had and now it's over. The estate gets settled, their wishes have been carried out, no one is suffering and everyone is happy.

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