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Coronavirus fatigue

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

It's September and we are in the throws of Coronavirus still. The retirement home where I work is still checking our temperatures and making us answer the same questions that no one even reads anymore. You would think, you would think that they would have tested us all by now. That would have been the reasonable thing to do right? Nope, no testing. As a matter of fact they've even gotten lax with the admittance routine.

One day I showed up for my shift early as requested. We were told that the admittance process had been updated and that it would take a little longer to get through. So I dutifully followed orders. When I got there no one was sitting at the check in desk which had been moved to the side waiting area. There was someone at the reception desk but his head was down. He never looked up at me. I presumed his nose was in his cell phone so I chose not to bother him. I stood there for about a minute, no one came out to help me or check my temperature or anything. I could have "bothered" the guy behind the desk but I was curious as to how long he was going to let me stand there unattended. I didn't want to wait any longer, I needed to get to work. So I started the process of checking myself in with the monitor. Not a sideways glance did I receive from him. I got to the part where I'm supposed to log my temperature. The gun thermometer was sitting right in front of me. I guess I could have used it to check myself but I didn't. I suppose I could have asked the guy behind the reception to check me but I was so appalled that he never acknowledged me that I said forget it. So I just wrote in what my temp always is 97.6 give or take a fraction of a point or two. He never looked up. I finally signed my name, yes all was true and real and walked off to my shift. Not once did he acknowledge me.

Guess after 5 months Coronavirus protocol has grown weary.

I wasn't worried for the woman I take care of because we are all very conscientious clean caregivers. We wear our masks and use lots of hand soap and sanitizer. Our team follows all of the rules on campus and off campus. I can't worry about everyone else.

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