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Been a while, but I'm back

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

So we are now in the middle of the Coronavirus, Covid 19, Wuhan Flu, Wu Flu, here in Massachusetts. Not fun.

I am still working at the retirement home taking care of a 24/7 patient. Working my shifts dutifully. The last lady I was taking care of finally died just before Thanksgiving. It was a blessing, it always seems to be a blessing. Nobody ever wants to live past 92. Anywhoo, the front desk puts us through a simple questionnaire, 3 questions, then take our temperatures. Then off we go. There isn't much else they can do. Dining rooms are closed and all meals are delivered to their apartments. No one has the flu... yet.

It would be interesting to see if it makes it past the front door. We shall see. Actually a lot of these people would probably like to get it! So many of them don't want to live any longer anyway. It's not the best way to go but in desperate times it could be an option. Not getting it from me. I'm as strong as an ox as my husband always says. Nothing can get me down for long.

We have lots of cleaning supplies in the apartment. Boxes of gloves, tissues, clorox wipes etc. I don't think this apartment has ever been so clean. There's plenty of hand soap and multiple bottles of laundry soap. She is packed in here needing nothing for at least 2 months. This should blow over by then, fingers crossed.

At the same time my brother just received the call that a kidney is available to him. Really? Now? He's been waiting since Feb and now one's available. I am supposed to be his caregiver, I'm also his health care proxy. I was going to meet him at MGH, sit in the waiting room during surgery, greet him as he came out, get him settled in his hospital room for recovery. None of that is happening now. At best I'll be able to greet him at discharge. But then the night mare begins. I have to get him to his apartment in Cambridge where he will be convalescing. Stay with him for at least a week cooking, laundry, getting him to appointments. Who knows how this will all work now.

Stay tuned...

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