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90 Will be a Blast

90th birthdays are a huge deal. I can't wait to have one. As a matter of fact I think that will be my next celebrated birthday. All of the others in between now, at 61, and 90 are irrelevant. They will float by, down stream, wandering from side to side, bubbling over rocks, over twigs, through fallen branches until they start to pool, round and round. A nice meander for the next 30 years would be nice. I'll play with my Granimals and maybe even be lucky enough to have a grandchild or 5. I'll do volunteer, make cookies, play bridge, work a little, paint a little and then I'll be 90. What a wonderful thing to see all over a birthday cake. All of my family will be around. Any friends that I might have left will be invited. It will be a special time, a very special time. I am looking forward to turning 90. Hopefully I will have forgotten about all of the embarrassing moments in my life. All of the times I messed up or said something that hurt someone. I do that sometimes, not on purpose, but sometimes. I will have children who will cook thanksgiving dinner so that I just have to show up, maybe with a pie even. I have a feeling I will be very mobile so will be able to still travel if there will be any place I haven't been or that I'm not tired of visiting. Remember to read my post on Feet and Teeth. I am already working on keeping them in tip top condition. They are the most important features to keep strong heading into old age. I am sooooo looking forward to turning 90.

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